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Prediction of Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins

Servers for the prediction of protein disorder, unstructured regions

IUPred Abstract
MFDp2 Abstract
Espritz Abstract
DISOPRED3 Abstract
DisProt VSL2 Abstract
PONDR-FIT Abstract
PONDR Abstract
DISOclust Abstract
OnD-CRF Abstract
GlobPlot Abstract
DisEMBL Abstract
SoftBerry - pdisorder
FoldIndex-Uversky Abstract
RONN Disorder Prediction Abstract
CSPRITZ Abstract
DisProt VL2 Abstract
DisProt VL3, VL3H, VL3E Abstract

Servers for the prediction of binding regions

MoRFpred Abstract
MoRFchibi Abstract
DISOPRED3 Abstract

All datasets used for training and testing


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Zsuzsanna Dosztanyi | Balint Meszaros | Gabor Erdos | MTA-ELTE Momentum Bioinformatics Research Group