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Prediction of Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins


2018 Dec 17
  • Major ANCHOR2 rework
    • Reverted the change introduced at Jul 13, ANCHOR2 now produces identical output to original publication
  • Major REDOX prediction rework
    • Redox prediction was changed in multiple ways. For details see:
      Large-scale analysis of redox-sensitive conditionally disordered protein regions reveals their widespread nature and key roles in high-level eukaryotic processes
      Gabor Erdos, Balint Meszaros, Dana Reichmann, Zsuzsanna Dosztanyi
      PROTEOMICS, in press
    • Added an option to Download page to download the Redox predictor
2018 Sep 3
  • Fixed a bug about glob mode producing errors when no globular region is found
2018 Jul 13
  • Major ANCHOR2 rework
    • Removed the IUPred2 smoothing step from ANCHOR2
  • Lowercase amino acid sequence input is now processed correctly
2018 Jul 10
  • Fixed a bug when text based output was not displaying the given protein
2018 Jun 12
  • Fixed a bug when REST interface was not producing output
Zsuzsanna Dosztanyi | Balint Meszaros | Gabor Erdos | MTA-ELTE Momentum Bioinformatics Research Group